…is now totally straight-up available from iTunes & other digital platforms!!

The track listing is like:

1. Last Person (sung by Tommy & Ben)
2. Good Day (sung by Jenny)
3. Nighty Night (sung by Tommy & Ben)
4. Ghosts In Empty Houses (sung by Jenny)

The backstory is like:

Jukebox the Ghost co-headlined a US tour with me back in April & May 2009. We wanted to do something special in advance of the tour, so we hatched a plan to record four songs (two Jenny, two Jukebox) with Dan Romer. Together we created new arrangements of all four songs, tracking all the instruments live in one room. I sang the Jukebox songs and Ben & Tommy handled vocals on my songs. The whole thing was completed in two nights – and it’s worth saying that we barely knew each other, and were fairly unfamiliar with one another’s songs. The result is rowdy, very seat-of-the-pants, and one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. You can snag it on iTunes, or any digital platform.

Cover photograph by Baldomero Fernandez
Art direction by Gail Marowitz