Today is the day!  I present to you one new song, entitled “Great Big Plans.”  Produced by Greg Laswell, written by me, performed by both of us.   Available via Bandcamp:

I hope you enjoy it, and that it will keep you sated while I work to complete my forthcoming album with Dan Romer.  And just in case you’re wondering “Hey Jenny, music is okay I guess, but like… what’s in it for ME?”
Well, I’ll tell you: Everyone who purchases “Great Big Plans” from Bandcamp by July 12th will receive a code for 10% off for my online store. One purchaser will be randomly selected to win a bundle of swag, including an “I Got Knocked Up By Jenny Owen Youngs” shirt, a telephone bandana, and a mess of stickers and buttons.  Two runners-up will each win a bandana, stickers and buttons.  Winners will be announced July 13th!
The art for the song was created by Gail Marowitz, and it looks like this:

Thank you for your continued support, from the bottom of my defective dime store heart.